Bonus video of Renner being generally adorbs

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My new kitten, adorable lil Renner.

Hello babes, I have returned. I actually now have a kitten, his name is Renner! I can post pictures if you’d like.

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when people around you openly diss kinks you enjoy


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once our chemistry class got a sub so angry she left in the middle of the lesson to go to church and pray

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r u a cigarette bc u got a hot butt

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like for Laverne cox

reblog for Laverne cox

ignore for badly seasoned, under cooked french fries

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"What matters to me is learning and growing, and getting to do what I love to do. As long as I can do that, I’m happy. - Jeremy Renner

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um someone should tag me in the six selfies thing so i have an excuse to post my good selfies

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im somewhere that has wifi, ill be her for like another 20 minutes hallelujah

((in case you didnt notice me reblogging stuff))

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Jeremy Renner at SDCC 2014

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